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Modern Army Cargo Truck MOD.4350 (Long Base) << Armory AR72406-R, 1:72 scale

Modern Army Cargo Truck MOD.4350 (Long Base) << Armory AR72406-R, 1:72 scale

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Hello Friend!
I am glad to propose you this very nice model kit with wonderful art picture on the box.

In the box you can find all for building of model:

  • detailed plastic parts;
  • decals for model from real historical events;
  • photo-etched parts for the high detailing;
  • transparent parts for imitation of glass;
  • coloring schemes for your model;
  • detailed illustrated instruction in English.


As with the other trucks in the vehicle family, prototypes of the KamAZ-4350 appeared in 1991. After the decision of the russian armed forces to buy trucks from the series in 2002, production began in 2003. This step was decided in particular because not all of the military's wishes could be implemented on the existing KamAZ-4326.
The construction of the KamAZ-4350 is similar to that of the prototypes and that of the other trucks from the series. The engine and transmission come from our own production. The built-in diesel engine is a V8 with a displacement of almost eleven liters. The manual gearbox is a standard five-speed gearbox, with a two-stage off-road reduction being connected downstream. This means that there are effectively ten gears available.
The powerful motor, permanent all-wheel drive, all-terrain reduction ratio and the individual tires used all around ensure the necessary off-road mobility. In addition, the vehicle is able to drive through bodies of water up to 1.75 meters deep.

But I have to warn!
The kit is unassembled and unpainted.
The kit don't contain paints, glue and tools for assembly.
The pictures is for illustration purpose only.

I am sure you will have great fun a building this model.
Thank you for your time.

Good shopping.

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