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SU-24M Fencer-D, Ukrainian modern pixel camo << Armory AR14704, 1:144 scale

SU-24M Fencer-D, Ukrainian modern pixel camo << Armory AR14704, 1:144 scale

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Hello Friend!
I am glad to propose you this very nice model kit with wonderful art picture on the box.

In the box you can find all for building of model:

  • detailed plastic parts;
  • decals for model from real historical events;
  • transparent parts for imitation of glass;
  • coloring schemes for your model;
  • detailed illustrated instruction in English.


The Sukhoi Su-24 (NATO: Fencer) is a Soviet twin-engine, two-seater bomber-attack aircraft with variable wing geometry. The genesis of the Su-24 is to be found in the T-58 interceptor fighter T-58 and its modification T-60, developed and flown in 1962 by OKB Suchoja. For further work, it was decided to use the T-60 version. The machine had side air inlets to the engine, therefore there was a place to equip it with the required radar station and other necessary equipment. In 1963, work began on adapting the T-60 to the S-60 version intended for shock tasks. Significant changes were made to the hunting version, first of all, the shape of the wing was changed from triangular to oblique with a 40-degree slope, the cabin was rebuilt in order to equip it with an armament operator station (tandem cabin), additional to the pilot. Initially, the aircraft planned weapons to be transferred on four under-wing and two under-fuselage beams. An additional, seventh boom was located under the front part of the fuselage, intended for a container with a part of the targeting apparatus. The project developed and evolved until, in the fall of 1966, a 1: 1 scale model of the machine, finally designated T-6, was built. Soon after, the order was received to implement and build two prototypes, including one flight, designated T-6-1. Along with the implementation decision, the development of new equipment for the aircraft was ordered: the engine eventually called AL-21, the RD36-35 starter engines (to shorten the take-off and landing distance), the Puma targeting and navigation system, the Ch-58 anti-radiation missiles, the Gz- 6-23 and the K36 catapult seat. In 1967, the designers decided to use wings with variable geometry. According to the project created at OKB, the new T-6 variant was to be characterized by a greater range and lifting capacity. The second prototype, already under construction, was converted into a machine with variable wing geometry and was given the name T-6-2I. The wing consisted of a fixed mid-plane and a movable part (in the range of 16-69 degrees). During use, four basic positions are provided: 16 degrees - take-off and landing, 35 degrees; in a typical level flight, 45 degrees - when maneuvering and 69 degrees - when flying at maximum speed. The revised prototype took off for its first flight on January 17, 1970 with the same pilot as the T-6-1. By the end of 1972, two more prototypes (T-6-3 and T-6-4) and 28 serial Su-24 aircraft were produced. After that time, state tests of armament and equipment were carried out, which ended in July 1974, and in February 1975 an official decision was made to accept the Su-24 into service. So far, apart from the flight of the Iraqi Su-24MK to Iran, the planes have been used in combat during the USSR's intervention in Afghanistan and the Russian army in Chechnya. During operations in Afghanistan, the planes operated from airports located in the USSR and did not suffer any losses. On the other hand, a minimum of 4 Su-24s were lost in Chechnya during combat tasks. Technical data (Su-24MK version): length: 22.53m, maximum wingspan: 17.64m, height: 6.19m, maximum speed: 2.0Ma (at high altitude), rate of climb: 150m / s, practical ceiling : 11000m, maximum range: 2775km, armament: fixed - 1 GSz-23 6-barrel cannon, caliber 23mm, suspended - up to 8000 kg of cargo.

But I have to warn!
The kit is unassembled and unpainted.
The kit don't contain paints, glue and tools for assembly.
The pictures is for illustration purpose only.

I am sure you will have great fun a building this model.
Thank you for your time.

Good shopping.

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